We can't just demand change– we have to advocate for it

  • Voices and Faces Research Director Katie Feifer speaks to an audience at San Diego State University during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  • Ugly Truth San Diego
    Left to right: Sara Campbell, US Department of Justice, Summer Stephen, San Diego County Chief Deputy District Attorney, Lynne Johnson, CAASE Policy Director, and Anne K. Ream of The Voices and Faces Project.
  • We're advocating for the women of Atenco, Mexico through our Voices and Faces speakers bureau, and our media outreach efforts.
  • We're fighting to eliminate military honors burials for convicted rapists through passage of "Jenny's Law," which was named for Voices and Faces member Jenny Bush.
  • The Voices and Faces Project partnered with the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence in lobbying for re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Nermat: Marina Nemat, Fary Moini and Anne Ream "Standing Up For Women" and a change in military burials policy

The most effective, lasting changes in public policy occur when public attitudes shift as well. Our advocacy campaigns are created to connect the stories of survivors to very real demands for more effective – and compassionate – public policies. Because the personal is what the political should be all about.

  • End Demand Illinois

  • CounterQuo

  • The Women of Atenco

  • Jenny's Law

  • Violence Against Women Act

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