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Part benefit album, part musical Prozac: experience The Angel Band Project.

Some of history's most moving art has come from tragedy – and music is no exception to the rule. But grief can be more than just a catalyst for creativity. It’s often a form of catharsis – and a source of healing. When we first heard the story of rape and murder victim Teresa Butz, and as we watched her extraordinary musical family (her brother is Grammy winner Norbert Butz, Jr.) come together to create an album that supports our Voices and Faces Project work, we were moved - and grateful. But The Angel Band Project is more than a benefit record. It's a tribute to Teresa Butz that challenges us to fight for a world in which violence in all of its forms finally ends. And with music by Bob Dylan, and Mary Chapin Carpenter, and a host of other brilliant artists, it's also a darn good record.

For those who have lived through or lost someone to violence, the past can seem ever-present (and perhaps it should). The gift of music is not that it helps us to forget, but that it allows us endure. Thank you in advance for supporting our Voices and Faces Project work by downloading or purchasing this powerful tribute to Teresa.
The Voices and Faces Project, recently named one of "America's Best Charities" by the board of directors of Independent Charities of America, has been recognized by the United States Department of Justice as part of the "new generation" of anti-violence leaders. We're working to change minds, hearts and social policy by helping survivors to tell their stories and by introducing those stories into the public square. We need your support to continue our work.

A provocative perspective: R. Clifton Spargo at the End Violence Against Women International Conference.
On April 2nd, Voices and Faces Project Ethics Advisor R. Clifton Spargo – the creator of The Stories We Tell,” our testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking - spoke at the End Violence Against Women International (EVAW) conference in San Diego, CA. In “How Victim Became a Bad Word, and Why It Matters to the Anti-Violence Movement,” Spargo offered an account of how the reigning jargon about victims came into existence, and explored how mainstream media (TV, film, music and self-help books) have contributed to this trend. Taking the position that though “victim” is an imperfect term, the rejection of the category has had increasingly detrimental consequences for the anti-violence movement, Spargo asks us to “think differently” about our use of language, reclaiming a word that is too often rejected by those of us working in the anti-rape movement. Thanks, Clifton, for always being willing to challenge the status quo!

Faith in Change: The Voices and Faces Project and the Faith Trust Institute collaborate on a national webinar.
On April 2nd, theologians Kristen Leslie and Traci West, Faith Trust Institute Founder Marie Fortune, and Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream joined a distinguished panel of activists, theologians, and ethicists to discuss the state of our common work to address and prevent sexual violence. What do today's cultural norms and expectations tell us about the progress we've made? How does the media shape our attitudes about violence against women? How can the voices and faces of survivors alter the conversation? What developments are emerging in faith communities? Read more about the discussion.

Words = Change: CAASE, the Neighborhood Writing Alliance and The Voices and Faces Project collaborate on a powerful Chicago Cultural Center event.
On April 12th The Voices and Faces Project and the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation joined forces to introduce issues of sexual exploitation and trafficking to writers in the Chicago land area. Hosted by the Neighborhood Writing Alliance with support from Chicago Publishes, the event was covered by WBEZ and CanTV. "Testimony is at the heart of every social justice movement, and language can be a powerful force for change,” said event speaker Anne K. Ream, founder of The Voices and Faces Project. “It’s important to give tangible action steps that people can take to end sexual exploitation, and our writers’ toolkit can help to make that possible,” said CAASE Executive Director Rachel Durchslag, who also spoke at the event. To explore how you can write about sexual exploitation and harm, download your free writers’ toolkit.

The Voices and Faces Project takes to the road during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
This month, members of The Voices and Faces Project spoke in 8 cities across the US, sharing their stories in order to create change. Highlights included Christa Desir reading from her forthcoming novel, TRAINWRECK at RVA's "Enemies of Silence" event in Chicago, IL; Missy Carson giving a keynote address at the Norfolk Women’s Center in Norfolk, Virgina; the Angel Band Project Team leading the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s “Wrap Around the Capitol” event; Anne Ream speaking on "Careers in the Arts and Healing," at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio; and Sarah Sullivan’s moving contribution to a panel discussion on spirituality and sexual violence at the University of Illinois, Circle Campus.
To find out more about our available Voices and Faces Project lectures and presentations, or to arrange for a speaker for your next event, email us.

Mark your calendars for these Voices and Faces Project events coming in May.
May 10: Unsilencing Public Policy at the School of Education and Social Policy at Northwestern University
May 23: Media Matters at the New York State Association for the Treatment of Sex Abusers Conference
May 24: Anne K. Ream and Galya Ruffer on WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio’s Worldview
May 24: The Importance of Bearing Witness
at the Center for Forced Migration at the Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies

Yianna Bouyioukou, our Voices and Faces "Project Latina" website designer, a "Greek Top 40 Under 40."
Award-winning architect and Voices and Faces Project "Project Latina" designer Yianna Bouyioukou has built her career around design and architecture. We admire Yianna for her talent - but we love her for the amazing work she and Pilar Patzkowski, our "Project Latina" leadership team, are doing on our Spanish-language Voices and Faces Project website (which will launch in Summer 2012). Thanks, Yianna, for your wonderful support of The Voices and Faces Project! Read more about Yianna.

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