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Sharisse Tracey is an alum of our Voices and Faces Project writing program and a contributor to Not That Bad: Dispatches From Rape Culture (Harper Collins, May 2018), edited by Roxane Gay.
“My writing workshop experience with The Voices and Faces Project was life altering.”Sharisse Tracey

When The Voices and Faces Project launched "The Stories We Tell," North America's first two-day testimonial writing program, we did so with a simple belief: that the stories of those who have lived through or witnessed violence can challenge and change the world.

During a moment in our national life when politicians and pundits too often fail to confront the root causes of gender-based violence, injustice, and inequality, our "Stories We Tell" writers are using their testimonies to change minds and hearts. There is nothing beautiful about injustice, but there is something deeply beautiful about the women and girls who are speaking out about it. Their testimonies make us pause, feel, and think. At The Voices and Faces Project, our hope is that the writing being created during "The Stories We Tell" will also compel readers to act.
This is what change looks like: Our writing workshop alums on what "The Stories We Tell" means to them.
Click on the photos to read about participants' experiences in our first-of-its-kind testimonial writing program.
Rachel Monaco-Wilcox Larena Patrick Christa Desir

To apply for a workshop or to support "The Stories We Tell" Scholarship Fund,
Our 2018 “Stories We Tell” Schedule
(subject to addition and modification)

Nairobi, Kenya
June 4-8

In partnership with RefuSHE
(formerly Heshima Kenya)
and Manaaki Foundation

Milwaukee, WI
September 22-23

(applications due 8/30)
In partnership with Lotus Legal Clinic and Wisconsin Humanities Council

Villanova, PA
October 27-28

(applications due 10/7)
In partnership with Villanova University

Chicago, IL
Fall 2018
(date TBD)

In partnership with World Without Exploitation and CounterQuo

Chicago, IL
Fall 2018
(date TBD)

Words = Change: A writing workshop for Chicago-area youth (ages 15 - 17)

San Diego, CA
Fall/Winter 2018-19
(date TBD)

The Voices and Faces Project | "The Stories We Tell" Writing Workshop
“The Stories We Tell” travels to Nairobi, Kenya, with RefuSHE.
The girls at RefuSHE, a longstanding Voices and Faces Project partner.
In partnership with RefuSHE — the first and only organization dedicated to refugee girls in Kenya — The Voices and Faces Project is debuting its latest edition of our "Stories We Tell" testimonial writing program. Targeted to girls whose powerful stories about violence, injustice, and the refugee experience need to be heard now more than ever, our two-day testimonial writing program will support the next generation of emerging female leaders. Our writing workshop will be followed by a RefuSHE teacher training institute, where we will work with and learn from — RefuSHE as we explore best practices in trauma-informed teaching, consider new research that supports the idea that storysharing can contribute to post-traumatic growth, and engage in a dialogue the most effective ways to build testimonial writing into RefuSHE's ongoing education efforts. Special thanks to our RefuSHE and Voices and Faces team Anne K. Ream, Alisa Roadcup, R. Clifton Spargo, and Megan Singh Sidhu. And a big thank you to Manaaki Foundation for supporting this first-of-its kinds, multi-faceted program.
The Voices and Faces Project | Things We Haven't Said
A powerful anthology, powered by “Stories We Tell” workshop alums.
Janet Holms
Janet Holmes is a contributor to Things We Haven't Said. | Photo: Patricia Evans
A powerful new anthology of writing about surviving gender-based violence, Things We Haven't Said— edited by Erin Moulton — features poems, letters, vignettes, and stories of hope and possibility. We love this anthology for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that so many "Stories We Tell" alums are featured in this much-needed volume. Special thanks to every "Stories We Tell" alum who submitted work to the editor. A big shout out to Janet Goldblatt Holmes for encouraging so many of our writers to take part. And our congratulations to The Voices and Faces Project's "Stories We Tell" alums who contributed to the anthology: Imani Capri, Jennifer Carmer-Hall, Joan Clare, Janet Goldblatt Holmes, Laura H. Kelly, Larena Patrick, Misha Kamau James Tyler, and Aster Lee.
The Voices & Faces Project Interactive Training | New Rules for Radicals
It’s time for new rules: Bring our most popular advocacy training to your community.
New Rules for Radicals
New Rules for Radicals: How storytellers, opinion shapers, and subversives are changing the movement to end gender-based violence, an interactive Voices and Faces Project advocacy training, is now available to travel to your community. A practical training grounded in real-world examples of how to change minds, hearts, and public policies through the power of your story, "New Rules" debuted at the Clinton Presidential Center in 2016. Today, it is one of The Voices and Faces Project's most popular workshops.

To find out more about bringing New Rules for Radicals to your community during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, email
World Without Exploitation | Survivor Story Archive
Sharing their stories to change the story:
Discover the World Without Exploitation Survivor Story Archive.
Rachel Thomas
Rachel Thomas is a graduate of The Voices and Faces Project's "Stories We Tell" testimonial writing workshop. Read her story. Photo: Lynn Savarese
A unique collaboration between survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, writers from our Voices and Faces Project "Stories We Tell" testimonial writing program, and New Abolitionists, the World Without Exploitation Survivor Story Archive introduces readers to a powerful, purposeful community of survivor-leaders who are sharing their testimonies in order to challenge damaging stereotypes about who is bought, sold, and trafficked in America. Visit the WorldWE Archive and you'll see why we are so moved and inspired by the women and men at the heart of this unique storytelling project.

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Scholarship Fund
Find out more about giving the gift of change by donating to our workshop scholarship fund. Every $500 raised provides a full two-day scholarship for a survivor waiting to take part in our program.
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