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Lived Through This

Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy students discussing Lived Through This.

Our Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors Book Group and Discussion Guide is available now.

Is this book discussion guide just for survivors of sexual violence? No. Reading the stories and seeing the faces of people who have survived trauma and gone on to live rich and full lives can be helpful for anyone, including people who are rebuilding their lives in the wake of loss or other forms of violence, people who are dealing with their own trauma, and those who want to learn more about gender-based violence.

One book guide, lots of ways to use it.

This discussion guide can be used by facilitators of sexual assault support groups, book clubs, and individual readers to help think through their own experiences and find meaning within the context of these stories. It can also be a powerful training tool for advocacy organizations preparing their staff for interacting with those who have lived through gender-based violence, and therapists and counselors who are working directly with sexual violence victims.Download Discussion Guide

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