The Ugly Truth
Make our campaign your campaign: See, hear and share “The Ugly Truth.”
"The Ugly Truth" is a multi-media communications campaign that was created by The Voices and Faces Project, an End Demand Illinois partner, to challenge myths about prostitution and remind the public of the harm endured by those in the sex trade. We've created our campaign to reach millions of Illinois citizens, calling them to better understand - and work to end - sexual exploitation.

You can CLICK HERE to see street and outdoor ads from the "Ugly Truth" campaign, or DOWNLOAD AND PRINT campaign mini-posters below to help us spread the word. And make sure to LISTEN to our campaign radio spots to hear why our End Demand Illinois team is so passionate about the fight to make the world safer and more just for those who have been sexually exploited.
Mini Poster 5
Mini Poster 6
That says it all
That says it all
:60 Radio 1
Prostitution by Numbers
Prostitution by numbers
:60 Radio 2
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