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Christa Desir

The story behind the story: Our testimonial writing workshop and its first book, Fault Line.

We believe that every woman's story has power and purpose. That's why The Voices and Faces Project launched "The Stories We Tell," North America's first two-day testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking. In partnership with local arts and human rights ...

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R Clifton Spargo

Advertising: friend or a foe in the fight to end violence against women?

Here's one thing that our team at The Voices and Faces Project knows for sure: movement leads to friction. And friction can lead to change. So we bring together activists, artists and creative people of different backgrounds and belief systems. And then we let the debates – and the dialogue – begin. We don't always agree on the ways to end sexual violence and trafficking. And that disagreement is a source of our strength.

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JUN '13

A trash can that will make you think.

Crain's ArticleCrain's June 5, 2013: What has advertising done for women lately?

Not very much, according to feminist theorists, cultural critics and "Mad Men," a show that winks, nods and with every episode reminds us that the more things change in the ad world, the more they stay the same. The consensus opinion — at least for those not working in advertising — is clear…

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R Clifton Spargo

Who says a man can't make a difference in the movement to end violence against women?

One of the most exciting aspects of The Voices and Faces Project is that it brings together a truly diverse group of women and men engaged in the fight to end sexual violence and trafficking. One of those men is R. Clifton Spargo, a novelist and cultural critic who has been a part of The Voices and Faces Project since its founding, and the creator of "The Stories We Tell," our testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and trafficking.

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43 states and three continents: Our Voices and Faces Project lecture and workshop series.

Ann Ream We founded The Voices and Faces Project to bring the names, faces and stories of survivors of sexual violence and trafficking to the attention of the public. No program has helped us do that more effectively than our Speakers Bureau, which has taken our team to 3 continents and now – thank you, Utah – 43 US states. Find out more about our available Voices and Faces Project lectures, and contact us to bring one of our 10 lectures or workshops to your community.

A terrific book, an important truth, and a key member of our project speaks out.

Katie Feifer DePaul University College of Law’s Jody Raphael — a member of our CounterQuo project—recently published Rape is Rape: How Denial, Distortion and Victim Blaming are Fueling a Hidden Acquaintance Rape Crisis. Called "[A] meticulously researched and passionately argued rebuttal of those who would deny the reality and alarming prevalence of acquaintance rape" (Kirkus Reviews), Raphael’s book has attracted much praise, but also a campaign to discredit her findings that we find deeply troubling. Check out Katie Feifer's thoughtful CounterQuo post on why and how those who deny rape are making the world less safe for all of us.


Six powerful Voices and Faces Project stories. One key goal met: the Violence Against Women Act has passed.

Six Powerful Voices

In a world that too often ignores the scope and scale of sexual violence and trafficking, a single story can sometimes be one of our most effective tools for creating change. At The Voices and Faces Project, our job is to create a safe place for survivors to share their names, faces and stories. Through our creative, documentary and outreach programs, we then connect those stories to policymakers and the public..

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Creating Change at Northwestern University (all year round).

Creating Change at Northwestern"Creating Programs That Create Change"—an interactive workshop that considers how The Voices and Faces Project uses the stories of survivors to impact public attitudes about gender-based violence—recently returned for its third semester at Northwestern University's School of Education and Social Policy. Thanks to a private donor, the workshop will be a regular feature of Professor Danny Cohen's class during 2013. Kudos to our "Creating Change" workshop team of Christa Desir, Kate Hnida, Patricia Evans and Anne K. Ream.

Get up, stand up: One Billion Rising Chicago.

 One Billion Rising ChicagoHats—and red scarves—off to One Billion Rising Chicago! One February 14—the 15th anniversary of V-Day—hundreds of Chicago women joined the billions worldwide who were walking, dancing, and demanding an end to violence. Special thanks to the Chicago One Billion Rising team for spreading the word about a local event with global dimensions (and a great beat): Kristen Kaza, Laura Waleryszak, Sharmili Majmudar, Rachel Durchslag, Ernest Covington, Anne Ream, Scheherazade Tillet, Sangeetha Ravichandran. Thanks also to the Chicago Foundation for Women for its support of the day's events.
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On the road again: Check The Voices and Faces Project out at these events.

Our Voices and Faces Project lecture and workshop series has taken our team to 40 US states and 3 continents. During March and April we're hitting the road again, bringing a keynote address to Augustana College in Sioux Falls, North Dakota, speaking as part of the "Untold Stories" Social Justice Series at Mt. Mary College and headlining The Women's Center's Annual Luncheon in Milwaukee, WI. To bring a Voices and Faces Project speaker to your next event email us.

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  • 2016

    March 2016: Join The Voices and Faces Project at the Clinton Presidential Center as we debut an all-new lecture: New Rules for Radicals.

    May 2016: Watch the video: The Voices and Faces Project debuts "New Rules for Radicals" at the Clinton Presidential Center.

    July 2016: Share your story, change the world. Participate in The Voices and Faces Project's "The Stories We Tell" testimonial writing workshop.
  • 2015

    January 2015: At the Clinton Center: The stories behind the statistics.

    February 2015: Words = Change: Our 2015 writing workshop schedule.

    April 2015: Our award-winning anti-trafficking campaign, Alice + Olivia & you, and more.

    April 2015: What can AMC's Mad Men tell us about gender justice and the need for workplace equality?

    May 2015: Gorgeous and Good (your RSVP is requested).

    June 2015: #TheStoriesWeTell, partnering with the Jewish Women's Foundation on our writing workshop.

    July 2015: When it comes to violence against women and girls, is America keeping its promise to the world - and to itself?

    September 2015: "We tell ourselves stories so we know how to live," Joan Didion famously wrote.

    October 2015: TESTIMONY & TIKKUN OLAM: How the stories of survivors are changing the movement to end gender-based violence.

    November 2015: No story left untold, no girl left behind: Our newest Voices and Faces Project writing program.

    December 2015: In 2015, The Voices and Faces Project created more change than ever before.
  • 2014

    March 2014: The Writing Workshops

    May 2014: June writing workshop in NYC

    April 20140: How far would you go to tell a story?

    May 2014: June writing workshop in NYC

    May 2014: Trafficking isn’t just a global problem. It’s a local one. Let’s come together to change that.

    June 2014: Sexual violence + storytelling: Christa Desir, Jamie Kalven, Clifton Spargo & Anne K. Ream at the Printers Row Lit Festival.

    July 2014: Why They Flee: Ream and Ramírez for The New Republic

    October 2014: At The Voices and Faces Project we love a good conversation and a great celebration.
  • 2013

    January 2013: Give the gift of support, get the gift of music from Neko Case

    February 2013: Lived Through This: a journey, a memoir & a mission

    March 2013: The Violence Against Women Act Passes

    April 2013: Sex trafficking, prostitution and The Ugly Truth (our newest EDI campaign)

    April 2013: Rap isn’t always the problem. Sometimes it’s the solution

    May 2013: How did we get to The Ugly Truth?

    May 2013: Beautiful Fools (& a beautiful way to support our writing workshop)

    October 2013: The story behind the story: Our testimonial writing workshop and its first book, Fault Line.

  • 2012

    March 2012: The Story Behind the Story: Our Testimonial Writing Workshop and its First Book

    April 2012: Rocking to End Rape—New Angel Band Project Video

    May 2012: Bearing Witness to Rape in the Congo

    July 2012: Contemplating "The Price of Sex," a new workshop at Northwestern University

    August 2012: Personal Stories, Public Policies—Six Survivors Speak Out

    September 2012: Changing the World, One Wednesday at a Time.

    October 2012: The Stories We Tell- Writing Workshop Chicago

    October 2012: A note from Christa Desir, Charlotte Pierce-Baker and Anne K. Ream

    November 2012: Meet Mia Goldman

    November 2012: A Perfect Holiday
  • 2011

    January 2011: Off the Beaten Path—Art Exhibition

    February 2011: Stories on Stage

    February 2011: The Stories We Tell

    March 2011: Benefit Dinner at Gilt Bar

    April 2011: Bandana Project

    June 2011: Visionary Voice Award

    August 2011: Writing to Create Change: "The Stories We Tell" Chicago Debut

    August 2011: Vocal Impact

    September 2011: Can a song save the world?

    November 2011: A Perfect Holiday

    November 2011: Stand Up for Women

    December 2011: New Video: Meet the Survivors at the Heart of Our Work
  • 2010

    September 2010: The women of Atenco, Mexico

    October 2010: Documenting stories in Canada

    November 2010: Designing the Perfect Holiday

    December 2010: The Angel Band Project

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