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Media matters. We believe that press has power, but not always a purpose. We want to change that. So at The Voices and Faces Project, we partner with responsible media outlets to create and drive media coverage on sexual violence and trafficking. And every so often, the press even does a piece about us. Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

Testimony and Change: Spargo, Ream and The Voices and Faces Project in The Guardian.

The Guardian logoThe Guardian April 15, 2015: Thanks to the generous support of The Donner Canadian Foundation, The Voices and Faces Project has expanded its “Stories We Tell” writing workshop and lecture series to five Canadian regions. Read the Guardian PEI piece about our work on Prince Edward Island, featuring an interview with workshop co-creators R. Clifton Spargo and Anne K. Ream.

Creating Change in Canada: Talking about our testimonial writing workshop on the CBC

CBC Radio logoCBC April, 2015: The Voices and Faces Project's two-day testimonial writing workshop traveled to Prince Edward Island in Canada. Listen in as workshop co-creators Anne Ream and R. Clifton Spargo speak to CBC in Canada about this groundbreaking program.

'Lived Through This' book gives rape survivors a voice

The Chicago TribuneThe Chicago Tribune November 2, 2014: "Anonymity does not lend itself to community."Those are the words of Anne K. Ream, whose work gives a voice to sexual violence survivors. I met Ream in 2011 when I profiled her for a Tribune story about The Voices and Faces Project, a documentary she created to tell the stories of women and men whose faces and names are routinely removed from accounts of what they’ve endured...

“Giving Voice to Survivors” stories of truth and hope

CBC Radio logoConfederation Centre Public Library, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island October, 2014: Voices and Faces Project founder Anne Ream talks to Canadian Public Radio about her new book, “Lived Through This,” and our testimonial writing workshop, “The Stories We Tell.”

Why They Flee: Ream and Ramírez for The New Republic

The New RepublicThe New Republic July 24, 2014: In this week's edition of The New Republic, Anne K. Ream, founder of The Voices and Faces Project and Mónica Ramírez, an expert on sexual violence committed against farmworker and immigrant women, argue that there is another cause of this crisis: gender-related violence and trafficking in Latin America. As Anne noted, "We went into the writing of this piece believing that rape and sexual exploitation were major drivers of immigration to the US from Latin America. But the stories of survivors, and reports from aid workers in the field, made this crisis feel even more urgent for us."...

The truth about trafficking and prostitution: Profiling Brenda Myers-Powell

Truth About TraffickingThomson Reuters Foundation July 11, 2014: The following is an excerpt from Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors by Anne K. Ream. Reprinted with permission of Beacon Press...

What Rape Culture? A Conversation with Kate Harding and Anne K. Ream

Newcity What Rape Culture?New City June 19, 2014: Rape is everywhere today. Pick up any newspaper, any magazine—the new issues of Rolling Stone and In These Times, a recent Time magazine cover story, this publication—and you’ll see high-profile coverage of the rape-culture crisis in America. From the From the alcohol-saturated dormitories of our citadels of higher- education to the shadowy confessionals of a pedophiliac priesthood...

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Senegalese Rapper Uses Powerful Voice to Fight FGM

Newcity What Rape Culture?Womense•news June 9, 2014: Sister Fa was cut at the age of 3 in a public ceremony, a moment that changed the course of her life. Now she uses her music and star power to bring attention to the procedure, says Anne K. Ream in this excerpt from "Lived Through This."...

"The Rape was bad, but being denied justice was also horrible"

AlterNet logoAlterNet May 29, 2014: Beth Adubato shares her story of having years taken from her life after being raped on campus....

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'Lived Through This' by Anne K. Ream: survivors speak out on sexual violence.

Janet Goldblatt HolmesChicago Tribune April 25, 2014: In "Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors," Karen Carroll tells of being beaten and raped by her estranged husband. The horror and humiliation of the brutal incident was compounded by the physical examination that followed, which was given by an indifferent doctor with little training in dealing with victims of sexual abuse...

Facing down rape: Women stand up to say they are not ashamed.

Janet Goldblatt HolmesThe Toronto Star April 16, 2014: Katie Feifer, our Voices and Faces Project research director, and Janet Holmes, who works with our "Stories We Tell" writing program, talk about our documentary work, our survivor story archive and the reasons that women are no longer remaining silent about abuse...

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Human trafficking on the rise in Milwaukee

NBC TMJ4 November 8, 2012: Sexual exploitation continues to be an issue in US communities.  NBC's Milwaukee affiliate looks at the issue of domestic sex trafficking, and showcases how The Voices and Faces Project's Testimonial Writing Workshop is providing a place for survivors of trafficking, domestic violence and sexual violence to tell their stories.

Writing from our forthcoming Voices and Faces Project book, "Lived Through This," is featured on WFMT.

Press PicWFMT October 2012: A recently broadcast special edition of The Feminist Lens—the groundbreaking WFMT radio program – features work by a list of writers and artists that includes Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynne Nottage, V-Day Founder Eve Ensler, and Voices and Faces Project Founder Anne K. Ream, reading "Lucky Star," an excerpt from her forthcoming book.
Listen to the program.

Writing workshop in Edmonton helps healing for sex assault survivors.

Janet Goldblatt HolmesEdmonton Journal May 28 , 2012: The Voices and Faces Project brings "The Stories We Tell" to Canada, and the Edmonton Journal profiles the way that this innovative writing program is helping survivors of gender-based violence.

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Documentary advocates for survivors of sexual violence

Press PicPublic Radio "Worldview" May, 2012: Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream and Galya Ruffer, Director of the Center for Forced Migration at the Buffett Center for International Studies at Northwestern University, sit down with Public Radio's Jerome McDonnell to discuss their joint work to raise awareness of sexual violence in the Congo.

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Extraordinary Women Admirable Deeds

Press PicTodays Chicago Woman December 1, 2011: 7 Chicago women share their devotion to Chicago causes. These are a few of the women devoting both time and energy to Chicago causes, from educating girls to beautifying our city.

Remarkable Woman

Chicago Tribune December 2, 2011: You could describe Anne Ream as brave, and you would be right, but not even close to finished. We brave the elements and we brave the gym and we brave, Ream braves a culture that assigns rape survivors to a life of shame. She braves the climates that foster sexual violence and the powerful, deeply ingrained reflex to keep its victims silent. She braved, two decades ago, a kidnapping and rape at the hands of a stranger...

"Movements, Not Marketing": A Panel Discussion.

140 Character ConferenceNYC, NY November 11, 2011: Roundarch Creative Strategist Jennifer Severns, Voices and Faces Project Founder and Creative Director Anne Ream, and Voices and Faces Project Director of Strategic Initiatives Alisa Roadcup (who also works for Amnesty International) discuss the role that storytelling and documentary projects can play in the development of social movements at the 140 Characters Conference in New York City.

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"Visionary" Voices Speak From Insight, Experience

Press PicLovely County Citizen May 2011: Eureka Springs resident Melva Luker, and her daughter Anne Ream, who currently resides in Chicago, were recent recipients of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's 2011 Visionary Voice Award in Little Rock...

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Organization brings sexual violence survivors out of silence

Press PicWBEZ 91.5 August 30, 2010: Voices and Faces Project founder Anne Ream talks to Public Radio's Worldview about traveling with documentary photographer Patricia Evans to document the stories of survivors of rape and torture survivors in Atenco, Mexico.  She also discusses our project's partnership with Amnesty International and the power of storytelling in social movements.

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National Crime Victims Rights Theme 2010

National Crime Victims Rights Theme March, 2010: The Voices and Faces Project partners with Emmy-winning director Robin Smith on a 2010 mini-documentary that features The Voices and Faces Project, an interview with writer Anne Ream and the work of award-winning photographer Patricia Evans.

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