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Making music that makes a difference with "The Voices and Faces Project, Volume One."

Press PicPublic Radio, December 8, 2006: Public Radio's Steve Edward sits down with Anne Ream of The Voices and Faces Project to talk about The Voices and Faces Project's first benefit CD, "The Voices and Faces Project, Volume One," which features some of indie rock's most notable acts, including Neko Case, the New Pornographers, Motion City Soundtrack, and more. 100% of proceeds from this CD benefit our Voices and Faces Project testimonial writing workshop.

Chicago's Top 40

Press PicChicago Tribune May 30, 2006: Chicago has been home to superstars from sporting legend Michael Jordan to political powerhouse Sen. Barack Obama. Oprah Winfrey built her billion-dollar empire here, and celebs Vince Vaughn and David Schwimmer create movies and plays here that attract national notice. But we're not only recognizing people in the limelight. Bus drivers, activists and business owners also make this city great...

Faces of Rape

People Magazine March 20, 2006: Voices and Faces Project founder Anne Ream  is named one of People Magazine's "Heroes Among Us"  for her work creating The Voices and Faces Project.  In the magazine's March feature story,  Ream is profiled alongside Katie Feifer, Karen Caroll and Leslie Barton, who have all shared their stories with The Voices and Faces Project.

We Survive Rape

Press PicChicago Tribune May 2005: When Anne Ream was raped 15 years ago, she had no examples of how to survive the brutal assault, no one to tell her how to begin rebuilding her shattered life.

Not until she got involved as a non-violence activist did Ream, a longtime Chicagoan, realize how many other women had lived her nightmare and had gone on to reclaim what they had lost in it...

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