The sound wave reached her ear… You look good said the voice.
They do what they often do, judge the world externally and superficially. Going deep to the unknown they might encounter the biting teeth of another reality.
Her eyes staring at the voice, traveling fast to the world unknown to many, a world built by the landscape of emptiness, abandonment, neglect and fear.
The walls of her bone and skin are hollow, where she could only hear the noise of the past.
The deep pain and shame wrinkled her years.

She lives in the shadow of her ancestor's extinctions.
Year after year she stood still in silence, remembering their pain, suffering
and loss. Remembering the un-imaginable.
She can't help but wonder, would anyone ever remember her? Would anyone see deep inside her world?
Would anyone help in the reconstruction of her landscape, growing hope
and blossoming peace, reviving her organs with a flash mob dance,
dancing to the rhythms of her authentic truth?

Awakened, she slowly pulled out the gum stuck in her throat, for the first time she could hear.
The sound of her voice filled the air with sunshine. Sunshine is in her story,
     in writing and sharing…
Sunshine is in the blue color of the sky,
     the sound of roaring engines…
Sunshine is in the room,
     listening to unfamiliar voices…
Sunshine is brushing off the dust of shame.

Silence nearly killed her.
Breaking the silence revives her to joy, freedom and self-expression.

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