The Brick House by Rhonda Cochran

The yellow bus pulls in front of the two story brown brick house. I go down the three stairs of the bus and look up at the grey sky above, I close my eyes and take a deep breath of the cool air. I turn and wave to the bus driver who is smiling and waves back. She motions for me to head into the brick house. I hesitate, but slowly walk to the front door. The door is a beautiful door. The top half is made of glass. Glass I had broken not long ago that was replaced.

I turn the knob and enter the hallway looking around. Where are all the people? Who is here? I slowly walk further into the brick house and see a man and a woman talking. Their expressions are ones of anger with each other. Their words fall on my Deaf ears, but I know something is wrong. The man looks at me and points to the upstairs. The brick house has 16 steps that lead to the 2nd floor. I walk the first 8 then the landing, then the last 8 steps and turn to my right.

The tan room had a bed with stuffed animals on it, including my beloved Michelle. Michelle made everything familiar. I have had her since I was 3 years old and she is my closest friend. My teddy. She knew all my secrets. We didn’t need language to communicate. In my mind, if I thought it, Michelle understood.

I sat on the bed and took off my coat. I ccould feel the vibrations of someone coming upstairs. The man walks in the room and fear instantly fills my body. He kisses me on the forehead and points downstairs and makes a motion to his mouth. I slowly try to form the word in my voice “eaaat?” I ask as his head nods.

I walk downstairs through the living room. The TV is on and a teen girl is sitting playing an Atari. I only got to play after I did things for the man. She turned and looked at me and smiled. She got up and headed toward the table that was set for 5. The man, the woman, and the 2 older girls. They all began to move their mouths talking as I sat there, invisible, unable to understand. There was laughter, side glances, and silly faces by the 2 girls. I couldn’t leave until everyone was finished, it’s amazing how long it takes people to eat when they have others to talk to. I looked around at these familiar, yet unfamiliar faces, house, and room in silence. I am invisible, but I am home.

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