The Story behind #TheStoriesWeTell


"The Stories We Tell" is a first-of-its-kind testimonial writing workshop for those who have lived through or witnessed gender-based violence.

Since launching the first workshop at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2011, The Voices and Faces Project has conducted over a dozen workshops in cities across North America. Though participants enter the 2-day workshop as strangers, they emerge with a sense of shared purpose and the conviction that their stories can create social and political change.

Together we discover the power of our own voices, while bringing our testimony to the attention of the public. The bonds formed in the workshop remain strong long after our weekend together. To deepen these bonds we started #TheStoriesWeTell, creating a virtual community to share projects inspired by the workshop, to introduce alumni from various regions to one another, and to invite others into the conversation.

How do I use it?

How is the story you have to tell about gender-based violence creating change? Whether you’re a graduate of our workshop, a fellow survivor, or an ally in the making, we want to hear your voice, and your truth. Help us build a movement to end gender-related violence one tweet at a time.

Please include #TheStoriesWeTell in your tweet. You can see other responses by typing #TheStoriesWeTell into the search field located at the top of your Twitter page, or check back here to see a live Twitter feed on this page.

What Survivors Say

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Here is a selection of some of this writing, from our pilot workshop at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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