Christa Desir Founding Member & Board Chair


Christa Desir A feminist, author, former rape victim advocate, lover of coffee and chocolate, and Sunday school teacher, Christa is a founding member of The Voices and Faces Project.

Her debut Young Adult novel, Fault Line (Simon and Schuster), was conceived during our very first Voices and Faces Project testimonial writing workshop. Fault Line, challenges teenagers to "think differently" about gender-based violence, using a powerful, provocative story to convey an anti-violence and anti-bullying message. "I've been involved with The Voices and Faces Project since its earliest days. Once I started to talk to women who had gone through rape and sexual violence, I felt for the first time that I was part of a community. Other sexual assault survivors are like family—a different kind of family, but a family to me all the same," explains Christa. "Today The Voices and Faces Project is bigger and more impactful than our founding team ever imagined it could be, and innovative programs like our testimonial writing workshop are one of the reasons why. During our pilot workshop program, I learned so much about myself as a writer, and I interacted with other survivors in a way I hadn't done before. It allowed me to find my voice, and tell a story I didn't think I ever could. Now I want other writers to experience this writing program and its power."

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