Patricia Evans Founding Member and Photographer


patricia Evans Patricia is a documentary photographer based in Chicago.

Since 1998, she has been photographing the "transformation of public housing" on South State Street in Chicago, including portraits of residents, their apartments, and the ongoing demolition.

Since 1999, she has also documented the construction of Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

Patricia's work includes a photo series on Gypsy families in France; a series of portraits of mothers and daughters; and a study of storefront churches on the South Side of Chicago. Her series on sexual assault, an installation of twenty-five photographs, is in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography. As a rape survivor herself, Patricia brings a unique sensitivity to her work on the subject.

"When I was looking for guidance through books and poetry in the aftermath of sexual assault, I found few stories and fewer faces on the bookshelves," says Patricia. "My hope for The Voices and Faces Project is that it will create a broad reach to survivors who are looking for stories to help them and give them strength."

Patricia's photographs have appeared in a variety of publications, including Harper's Magazine, Triquarterly, Chicago Magazine, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Slate. Her work appears regularly on The View from the Ground ( Her photos also have been used in several television documentaries, including "Rebuilding the Community" by Marco Williams and "After the Fall," a 2002 report on the "transformation" of public housing by Jay Shefsky.

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