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Emmalee Windle Emmalee Windle first discovered the Voices and Faces Project during a course at Northwestern University, in which she read Lived Through This and Christa Desir's Fault Line. She had been writing about her own experiences with gender violence for many years and had published her stories in several collections including From Her Lips and Community of Stories.

In 2015, Emmalee attended The Stories We Tell writing workshop and soon after began sharing her poetry with others: "I could share my stories of gender violence with anyone. But there is something so personal about poetry for me, and the Project helped me break down those barriers. I knew that my poetic voice was important. Vulnerable, but so important."

Emmalee graduated from Northwestern University in 2016 with degrees in Social Policy and Poetry. She currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee where she teaches special education. When not teaching, you can find Emmalee playing with her rescue beagle or working on her book "Lightness," a chronology of poems that illustrate her healing from gender violence.

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