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Aliza Amar, a "Stories We Tell" writing workshop alum. | Photo: Lynn Savarese
Sharing our stories is only the start.

Since our founding in 2006, The Voices and Faces Project has been focused on a simple but ambitious goal: creating ways and places for survivors of gender-based violence to share their stories.

Today, more than ever, that goal is being realized. Not by any single organization — though we like to think that The Voices and Faces Project has played a role in changing public attitudes about survivor story sharing — but by millions of individuals who are speaking truth to power and perpetrator. That's what #MeToo, and the growing movement to hold high profile perpetrators of gender-based violence accountable, are all about.

But speaking out is only the start of creating change.

How do we use our personal stories to call for political transformation? How can a single testimony raise awareness of systemic problems? Answering these questions — and providing tools for writers and activists seeking to use their experiences to call for social change — is what "The Stories We Tell," The Voices and Faces Project's two-day testimonial writing program for survivors of gender-based violence and other human rights violations, is all about.

Aliza Amar, the founder of Breaking Our Silence Together and an organizer of the #MeToo March in San Diego, is one of the activists who have come through our "Stories We Tell" writing program. In her words,

    “The Voices and Faces Project gave me a newfound freedom. I was a leader by the time I participated in this workshop, but a much deeper sense of leadership emerged after. I became a fearless leader, one who vows to spread the word that sharing is the most powerful tool for unleashing our pain and shame. My heart is filled with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the way that 'The Stories We Tell' united me with my precious and powerful voice.

Get engaged now: Join us at the #MeToo March in San Diego.
     Saturday, November 25th
     10am PST
     San Diego Civic Center Plaza
     1200 Third Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Get engaged later: Apply for a 2018 "Stories We Tell" writing workshop. All accepted applicants are given full, two-day scholarships. Email Janet for more information.
The Voices & Faces Project | Event
Celebrating storytellers: Congratulations, Brenda and Anne.
Event honorees Brenda Myers-Powell,  Anne K. Ream and emcee Glynn Washington.
Event honorees Brenda Myers-Powell, Anne K. Ream and emcee Glynn Washington.
Last month, more than 150 people joined the CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation) at Celebrating Allies, an event honoring Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream and Dreamcatcher Foundation's Brenda Myers-Powell for their groundbreaking gender justice work. Kudos to Anne and Brenda, and a special thanks to the event host, National Public Radio's Glynn Washington, the creator of Snap Judgement and a powerful voice for justice in his own right.

The Voices & Faces Project | Women's Gubernatorial Forum
The right vote is an informed vote: Join The Voices and Faces Project and Chicago Women Take Action at the Women's Gubernatorial Forum.
the Chicago Women Take Action Alliance
On December 9th, The Voices and Faces Project, alongside 40 leading Illinois-based women's rights organizations, are coming together to co-sponsor the Illinois Women's Gubernatorial Forum, an initiative of Chicago Women Take Action. Join us at this non-partisan forum, which will provide an opportunity for voters to better understand where our candidates for Illinois governor stand on issues that especially matter to those of us engaged in the fight for gender justice.
Tickets are free but required.
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Women’s Gubernatorial Forum
Saturday, December 9th | 2pm – 4pm
Chicago Temple
77 W. Washington Street
Chicago, IL 60602
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Find out more about giving the gift of change by donating to our workshop scholarship fund. Every $500 raised provides a full two-day scholarship for a survivor waiting to take part in our program.
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