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We were a group of nine women, some survivors of sexual violence, others mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who wanted to make the world a safer and more just place for all women and girls. We came from different backgrounds but we shared a powerful belief: that to stop rape, we needed to start talking.

In the early days of 2004, we came together every other Wednesday to create the blueprint for a storytelling initiative that would allow survivors of sexual violence to share their stories with the public - not only because doing so would be healing but because doing so is necessary in a world that too often turns a blind eye to sexual violence.

7 years after we launched The Voices and Faces Project as a national non-profit, our small collective of survivors has grown to over 300 women and men who are sharing their stories. We've traveled to 40 US states and 3 continents with our educational workshops and presentations … worked toward the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women act… launched "The Stories We Tell," the country's first two-day writing workshop for victims of sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking… and received the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's "Visionary Voice Award" at a Clinton Presidential Center ceremony.

Now, in recognition of our work, one of our earliest supporters - The William H. Donner Foundation — is offering to match donations made to The Voices and Faces Project, dollar for dollar, between now and October 31, 2012. If you've supported us before, we hope you'll do so again today. If you've never given to The Voices and Faces Project, now is the perfect time to make twice the impact. Thanks, in advance, for supporting our work through your donation.

Forget the status quo. Discover CounterQuo.
Are we winning the fight to end sexual violence? And have we made the world safer for women and girls since the advent of the rape crisis movement over 35 years ago? In 2008, Boston-based Victim Rights Law Center, the first nonprofit law center in the nation solely dedicated to serving the legal needs of sexual assault victims, and The Voices and Faces Project joined forces to explore these questions, and to launch CounterQuo, a national campaign to challenge legal and media responses to sexual violence. CounterQuo began as a series of discussions between our two organizations - discussions that considered how the rights and representations of sexual violence survivors are impacted by law, communications, and the public engagement of survivors. Today our CounterQuo initiative engages over 75 national organizations and leaders in the anti sexual violence field in an ongoing dialogue, one that we will continue "live" at our national meeting in Boston in October, 2012. To find out more, visit counterquo.org. And a special shout out to our Counterquo co-founders and leadership committee: Stacy Malone, Charlotte Pierce- Baker, Susan Estrich, Katie Feifer, Georgia Murray, Jessie Mindlin, Anne K. Ream and Susan Vickers.

Our Speaking Team hits the road in September and October.
During September and October, members of The Voices and Faces Project will be taking our project story on the road. Project founder Anne K. Ream will be giving the keynote address at the "Honor the Women" luncheon in Des Moines, Iowa; founding member Katie Hnida will be speaking at University of Colorado; and our board president, Christa Desir will be a featured speaker at Hosteling International's 2012 Peace Conference, where she will share survivor stories from The Voices and Faces Project, and talk about the importance of testimony in social justice and human rights movements. Find out more about our Voices and Faces Project Lecture Series.

Just breathe.
Molly Harris - a member of The Voices and Faces Project who most recently coordinated our partnership with The David Lynch Foundation, has founded The Breathe Network, a resource and referral network that educates survivors of sexual violence and the general public about the unique benefits of holistic approaches to healing and connects survivors to practitioners who offer trauma-informed, mind-body-spirit oriented treatments in order to support integrated, sustainable healing. Read more about Molly and discover The Breathe Network here.

stories we tell

"The Stories We Tell," our Voices and Faces Project Testimonial Writing Workshop, returns to Chicago Nov. 10 - 11. Apply now!
We believe every survivor's story has power and purpose. So we are excited to be bringing "The Stories We Tell," the country's first testimonial writing workshop for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and trafficking, back to Chicago. Our two day workshop, created by R. Clifton Spargo, an award-winning writer and Arts Fellow at the Iowa Writers Workshop, will be November 10th and 11th, 2012 (location tbd). Read more about our last Chicago writing workshop.
Special thanks to Verizon Wireless, Guy and Courtney Comer, Christa Desir, Marc Marion, and Julie Burgener for their generous support of our newest Voices and Faces Project program! For the Workshop Application, email us.

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