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Healing the world, one story at a time: Our Jewish Women’s Foundation-supported writing workshop series.
Ruby Edmonton Workshop
The Hebrew phrase “Tikkun Olam” (“world repair”) has come to connote social action and the pursuit of justice. And creating a more activist and just world is what The Voices and Faces Project's two-day testimonial writing program for survivors of gender-based violence is all about.Thanks to the generous support of the Ellie Fund at the Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago, we will be bringing two “Stories We Tell” writing workshops to the area in 2015.  During each two-day workshop, participants will look back at major social movements and the role that storytelling played in creating them, while looking forward to creating change through their own testimonies. 

Email Janet for details and a workshop application. Thanks to the Ellie Fund at JWF, all accepted applicants will receive full, two-day scholarships.

Our JWF writing workshop and lecture series

Writing Workshop:
The Stories We Tell
Skokie, IL

July 25 - 26, 2015
(applications due 6/30)

Writing Workshop:
The Stories We Tell
Evanston, IL

October 24-25, 2015
(applications due 10/1)

Public lecture:
"Testimony and Tikkun Olam"
Illinois Holocaust Museum,
Skokie, IL

November 1, 2015, 2:00pm
Have a story to tell? #TheStoriesWeTell.
Caity-Shae Violette
Javier Otero
To deepen the bonds developed during our “Stories We Tell” writing workshop, workshop co-founder R. Clifton Spargo and Voices and Faces Project team members Caity-Shae Violette and Javier Otero created #TheStoriesWeTell. Through our hashtag campaign we’re sharing projects inspired by the writing workshop, introducing workshop alumni from various regions, and inviting the public into a conversation about ending gender-related violence through testimony and storytelling. Share your voice and your truth: include #TheStoriesWeTell in your next tweet.
A Ruby Among Us:
Soroptimist International recognizes Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream.
Ugly Turth Campaign San Diego
Anne accepting the Soroptimist International Ruby Award
In May 2015, Soroptimist International - a United Nations NGO working in over 180 countries to improve the lives of women and girls - recognized Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream with its Ruby Award. Giving a shout out to Anne’s “creative and media savvy” work with The Voices and Faces Project, and her role as the co-creator of “The Stories We Tell,” Soroptimist also acknowledged its longstanding engagement in our Voices and Faces Project work in the US, and beyond. Next month, Anne will be giving a keynote address about our organization and her book, “Lived Through This,” at the Soroptimist International Global Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. See you there!
The Voices & Faces Project | On the Road
Ending Demand, one advertisement at a time: Our anti-trafficking campaign in Denver and San Diego.
Ugly Turth Campaign San Diego
Left to right: Sara Campbell, US Department of Justice, Summer Stephen, San Diego County Chief Deputy District Attorney, Lynne Johnson, CAASE Policy Director, and Anne K. Ream of The Voices and Faces Project.
“The Ugly Truth,” the award-winning anti-trafficking advertising campaign co-created by The Voices and Faces Project and Kinetic Media, has gained national attention. In May and June, End Demand Illinois team members Katie Feifer and Anne K. Ream, alongside Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation Policy Director Lynne Johnson, took the story of our campaign to anti-trafficking task forces in San Diego and Denver.
To find out more about the campaign, email

Be inspired:
Out of its second printing and into paperback: Lived Through This.
Eight years ago, Voices and Faces founder Anne K. Ream and documentary photographer Patricia Evans began a multi-country journey interviewing and photographing a community of sexual violence and trafficking survivors who have been "shaped, but refused to be defined, by their histories of violence." Anne's memoir of that journey, is the result. V-Day founder Eve Ensler calls Lived Through This a book of "Heart-stopping, beautifully rendered stories of survivors powerfully illustrating the notion that when we tell our stories, we change the story."

order it in paperback
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Support our "Stories We Tell" Scholarship Fund.
Find out more about giving the gift of change by donating to our workshop scholarship fund. Every $500 raised provides a full two-day scholarship for a survivor waiting to take part in our program.
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